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Don't make it like the one on Research and Braker please. THAT STORE SUCKS! Also don't make it like the one on Slaugther and Manchaca either.
Don't change the grocery layout I don't want to go across the other side of the store for Clorox and then for Meat and then sodas (that makes me buy more stuff online) You really need to spend your time and money knocking down the one on Research and Braker and rebuilding that one. I like the Allandale HEB as is of right now. IF I WANTED A BIG HEB, I WOULD SHOP AT HANCOCK OR FAR WEST THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

i am disappointed to hear that they are not planning to add any more check out stations. this heb always has frustratingly long lines - lines that back right up into the main aisle of shoppers trying to get through no less.

Why does everything have to be about politics, grow up!

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